What do I think about "strong is the new skinny"?

The new era is here. Or it has been for a while now: I saw the same motivational images all over the internet back in 2012 as well. There were beautiful ladies on them, with superhero bodies enjoying food and ditching the scale, shouting to the world: "sweat is your muscles crying!" Like it or not, this is the "new skinny" indeed, but to tell the truth, I don't think one is better than the other. Both are just figures that are favorable and easy to fall for.

But Eni! Are you not a gym lover muscle freak yourself?  Yes, I am. There are so many good things about this strong body ideal. Feeling strong and enjoying good meals is awesome indeed and I encourage everyone to try going for it. However, if it gets to the point that the body becomes the source of identification, two problems can come up. First: you are still obsessed with your body image, if not more than ever. Second: tribalism and using your body for distinguishing it from "the other" is inevitable. 

I don't know about you folks, but I am quite bored of before-after pictures of girls showing off their muscles with titles like "I am finally not giving in for thin ideal and gained +xx kgs, and feel great! Look how miserable I was when I was skinny." Yet, she is STILL absolutely focused on and obsessed with the body shape. What is the difference? I don't see any, besides the obvious muscle gainz. The point is: body shape focus and even bigger narcissism is still there.

The other, much worse case is when there are paparazzi-style photos of another person who is skinny/fat/etc. and the post is mocking them in favor of their own muscular ideal. Not cool, and again: DAFUQ cares how random strangers carry themselves in the world? Of course, obesity is a huge problem, but posting about it will not solve anything.  It's not even the "body shaming". It's whoever-the-fuck-is-not-in-my-tribe shaming. When will you grow out of this, internet?!

It is always good to open up your bubbles more. If you are a powerlifter, go to a group class. If you are a cardio bunny, try doing a pullup. Don't follow religiously social media and never, ever think that your training and your body is better than anyone else's.