Why did I start this website?


No more weight training for you, Miss Bona. Wowowoah. This news hit me like the worst diagnosis. No biggie though: I'm healthy and will be alive for a pretty damn long time. But it carries so much meaning for me. Where do I start?

I have a history of strength training that I will write about in detail another day. If we fast forward to spring/2017, I got to an euphoric realization. I was convinced that building muscle and being strong is the best thing that ever happened to me and I felt fantastic. Lifting heavy weigths was full of love and content, and it created a world for me that I owned pretty well. However, in a matter of a few months after this peak, it was gone. Multiple joints of mine are hurting since October, I am feeling like crap every morning. The doctors tell me to stop lifting weights if I want to stay mentally and physically healthy.

Without going into details about the story of "Eni and her heavy lifting years" right now, I just want to point out: the reason I finally started this blog was this exact shock. You are sure that everything is in order, and you have your shit together. Then, in a blink of an eye you physical pain and your fucked up unconscious coming to surface tells you otherwise. So you suddenly realize how incredibly wrong you were. This is difficult stuff, and definitely requires a new beginning. For me, starting blogging is some kind of a new beginning.

I always wanted an online space where I can share thoughts, ideas online and build up my business that I can profit from later. Now is the time. I chose to start at a very vulnerable state, but isn't it better to start from an honest place?

I have been journaling daily for almost a year now, so writing out my inner loads so this ain't new. This will definitely not be the place for leaving my darkest loads. I would rather like to share more interesting, colorful but still mind-boggling thoughts and happenings: what I read, listen to, how I train, what I eat. I will describe my classes, my travels, and God knows what else.

Thank you for being here. I recommend you to stay!