Am I quitting going to the gym?

I am accepting, and at the same time, not accepting the loss of heavy lifting. Nah, this is not a new mantra I'm learning, instead, I try to organize my life and thoughts around this topic. Finally, my schedule is starting to clear out, so the weekly amount of movement will be:

2x1 hours swimming. One is breasstroke routine with music/podcast in my ears (IPX6 technology actually makes underwater audio possible, so I picked my new sport headphones that have this feature). The other 60 minutes is a lesson with a tutor: I am finally learning freestyle technique correctly. I think my favorite sport will become "learning new things at 30+". Such a pain in the ass, but it's hell of a training for the brain. 


2,x1,5 hours yoga. Traditional Hatha style, for now. Check my Karnapidasana!


2x1 hours gym workout. No, I am not quitting, but I have to take it easy. It's like a drug: at certain dark moments, I am actually considering to leave weight training behind completely. Similarly to what AA people claim, there's no way you can have only one drink, I say to myself: just quit the gym cold turkey, because addiction to big volume AND heavy weights is real. After this, I cry like a baby because this means I have to let a 6 year old relationship go. Well good news is that I feel much better about the situation. There are great options to practice general badassery besides that stuff. Pullups are my thing, and dips (also on the ring), goblet squats, cossack squats... 



15 minutes daily autogenic practice. Finally, I think it's important to mention all the relaxation work I'm practicing. Similarly to the new swimming technique, it is training the brain like crazy. 

Who knows for how long will this go on. This is really, seriously something new. Losing muscle is new: I dropped to a weight in 2 months that I am not even familiar with. It is far below my set point and I really don't know where it's headed. For those of you who are not familiar with set point theory, I recommend to look it up. It is an interesting hypothesis whether or not our body is reluctant to lose/gain weight because it feels most comfortable at a certain weight, aka. set point. It's funny how the body can adapt to a new lifestyle. It is fascinating. Scary and hopeful at the same time.


Eniko Bona