Beyond calorie counting: ALCOHOL counting


This year's lent was about to start off like all the others: in the past years, I kinda wanted a resolution, but "meh", life quickly went on in autopilot mode...

However, last Wednesday when lent started, I was in the midst of my antibiotics cure when I figured: I'm already on drugs, so why not stop this liver terror for a while, fuck drinking. So I'm keeping it, except for letting myself one single drink/Saturdays. Not like this of course, although I would be just as happy as Betty White to have one this weekend, lol:



I enjoy arithmetics when it comes to real life. An app on my phone counts my daily steps. I count calories (approx. every 3rd day on average). Sometimes I count the unsmoked cigarettes. I also count hours that I waste doing pointless shit like online window shopping. Fuck, that's a frustrating one. 

Then there's alcohol counting, which is something new. I was inroduced to this method a few years ago, but now it's time to bring it into practice... I love the research that says moderate boozing improves cardiovascular health compared to abstinent people. But I can also already hear old Eniko's wisdom telling young Eniko "You should have stopped training your liver with those one-nighter festival wine bottles age 30". Uh oh. 

This excel sheet game is really simple. If you enter how much quantity you drink per week on average, you get a number in the bottom right corner which shows how many hours the liver is spending doing this quite exhausting work. Personally, my ideal is between 5-10 hours. Body won't complain then - that simple.

Feel free to use this excel. If you want to add your favorite drink, just make sure you have the right alcohol percentage right, for that, just re-write the math in column C! 


Greetings it is I the Count! They call me the Count because I love to count things!! AH AH AH!!!

(Count von Count, Sesame Street)

Eniko Bona