Who am I?

I'm a fitness instructor and I'm wise AF.


OK, I will let you decide yourself about the latter. 

But what about the fitness thing? In a nutshell, I am the type of trainer who is deeply involved with researching mental health. I experienced quite a few times how powerful mental strength is.

How can I help?

I beleive that successful training and being "fit" is determined by your biological, psychological and social well-being. By looking at all these three axis, you have to find out what keeps you from losing/gaining weight or maintaining healthy habits. 

If you find it hard to adhere to new habits or you are stuck in achieving a fitness-related goal, feel free to contact me. If you have a bad relationship with your body (or have no clue that there is a relationship at all), I can help develop a training plan and provide support.

I can also help with diet-related concerns. Diet plays the biggest role in becoming and staying healthy, but food is a touchy subject for most of us. I can teach you how to become more aware and adherent to your diet. 


Where and what did I learn?

  • 2016-2020 Semmelweis University - PhD in Behavioral Sciences
  • 2016 Fitness Akadémia - Fitness instructor OKJ
  • 2012-2013 IFBB Adacemy - Training specialist (fitness and body building)
  • 2005-2010  University of Szeged - Master of Arts in Humanities (American studies and communication studies) 
  • 2008-2009 West Virginia University